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Genetic Tests

Testing for genes and genetic composition is already part of the latest trend today.  The techniques used in doing these tests usually are very sophisticated.  They involve direct visualization of the DNA and biological and chemical tests for enzymes and proteins.

There are many reasons why genetic testing is done. This includes:

How is this genetic test carried out?  Each person normally has a copy of the genes from both their parents.  There are two actually, one from the mother, and one from the father, plus another set depending on their sex.  There are up to 25,000 genes possible in the human genetic composition or genome.

Testing for genes involves studying the chromosomes and conducting biochemical tests for the presence of possible abnormalities or mutations to prevent these from progressing. It is also used to make comparisons from previous tests.  In couples with an inherited disorder, it will also determine whether the condition can develop in their possible children.  At present, there are already a hundred more tests being developed and are being used.

Some people are really sensitive about the issue of genetic testing and so prior to such tests genetic counselling is also done.

The genetic tests available today include the following:

Aside from the ones above, there are still many other genetic tests used to test for genetic disorders, ancestry, and more.  If one has the resources and the money, it is recommended that they undergo such procedures to ensure the health of possible children and aging family members. 

Your genes, your blueprint

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