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Genetic Testing

Gene testing is a process of examining one’s DNA by taking a sample from cells in the blood. The cells may also be found in body fluids and tissues. Changes in the genetic material may be known through the use of genetic testing. It finds out is there are missing or additional chromosome through microscopic testing. Alteration of genes may also be known. In general, genetic testing the use of biochemical experimentation to find the presence or absence of normal genetic material found in one’s DNA. Disorders may be known and diagnosed.

Genetic testing may provide certain predispositions to confirm a present genetic disorder on one person.  Here are some advantages of why you must utilize genetic testing for medical purposes.

Enumerated below are genetic tests available for people to undergo. These genetic tests can highly address some problems with regard to health. Along with these tests are some of the reasons why these tests are utilized.

Your genes, your blueprint

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